Chloe Thurlow agrees that so-called “social media” probably makes you stupid

In a very well written article, Chloe Thurlow asks: „Are Our Smart Devices Making Us Dumber?“… and her conclusion is (more or less): Yes.

Please note that if you are currently using a corporate computer to access the internet, your browser may be blocked from showing you articles from Chloe’s website – it seems that the address is sometimes blacklisted by corporate powers who apparently thereby claim to want to protect you from quite powerful ideas.

Chloe is no teenager, but still: I think perhaps I have been around the block a couple times more than she has. Her very reserved argumentation is nowhere near as explicit as my descriptions of „retard media“ have been. If you are smart, then you should follow that link (i.e., if you are uncertain of what I am referring to).

Here, let me just add a little caveat about how it happened that so-called „social media“ became a force to be reckoned with in the first place. A little sneak peak to whet your appetite: It was NOT due to the charisma of Mark Zuckerberg.

If it hadn’t been for a friend of mine telling me that „facebook“ was actually well-known college jargon, I would never have signed up to use Zuckerberg’s website. As far as I know, it used to be called „thefacebook“ which (in my humble opinion) is on par with „theidiot“. It is only because „facebook“ seemed to be a natural language term that I was willing to look into it at all (many of my „web friends“ were already very thrilled about it, saying it had lots of bells and whistles). So I, too, was suckered into trying it out, getting hooked, yada yada yada.

Today, I no longer think that „facebook“ is jargon, college or otherwise. It is a proprietary trademark. If you choose to allow yourself to be strapped into the dungeons below the „newsfeed“ vortex, then you will probably get exactly what you deserve. Zuckerberg is no dummie: He apparently listened to me quite well (and I have often commended FB for investing in and acquiring valuable domain names such as and – yet I do have reservations concerning their recent acquisition of … I consider that more misguided [if you want better guidance, then feel free to check out and reach out to me there 😉 ]).

While the natural language domain name was the only explanation for my own interest in Mark Zuckerberg’s so-called „platform“, what was it which led the masses into the vortex? Ironically: Google! Pretty much as soon as Google sold out to Wall Street (or maybe it was even before then – I can’t remember exactly… try Googling it [LOL 😛 ] ), the Google management executives decided to tweak their link-based algorithm with something they referred to as a „nofollow“ tag (note that at that time, Chloe was probably more involved with licking lollipops than with worrying over the web, and maybe some „millennials“ [or „post-millennials“] had not even been born yet). Google came up with this idea because they apparently began to realize that some links are indeed „more equal“ than others, and so they wanted to discredit the masses by more or less taking away their voice. Hence, the hungry masses (at least those who realized they were becoming disenfranchised) left … and mosied on over to Mark’s media platform (since the bells and whistles were „super neat-o“ 😉 ).

As you continue to gaze into your so-called „smart” phone in amazement, perhaps you might want to „search” for what George Carlin said about the „American Dream” – and consider whether you, too, are nothing but a dreamer.

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