One Explanation Why People Still Use Retard Media Websites: They Want a Biased Opinion

On another one of my websites, I have started a new feature called „#Literacy #Quiz #Questions“ – I’ve explained it here: „New Feature: Literacy Quiz Questions“.

Oddly, there seems to be a somewhat rational reasoning behind the rationale people apparently use to justify their use of retard media websites: They want a biased opinion.

„How“ you may ask „can this possibly be a rational justification?!?“

I will try to explain the reasoning:

  1. They lack literacy skills
  2. They realize they lack literacy skills
  3. They do not want to out themselves as being (relatively) illiterate
  4. They want to appear at least as literate as the vast majority (so-called „Bandwagon behavior“)
  5. They therefore choose to use the widely adopted „mainstream“ metric

Let me use a hypothetical example to show how this works.

Imagine you want to buy a machine – let’s say (just for example) a kitchen blender. Let’s say you know virtually nothing about kitchen blenders, how to evaluate them or anything like that. You decide you will „use“ Google, type in „kitchen blender“ and look at some of the „top“ results. You assume that Google’s algorithm is the best measuring stick for finding the best kitchen blender. Indeed, you would also assume that Google’s algorithm is the best measuring stick to find a plumber. Or a gynecologist, an attorney or the latest news. You would assume that Google’s algorithm is the best measuring stick to answer any question you might have because that is what the vast majority of people seem to believe and you don’t want to look stupid (even if you are in fact rather unknowledgeable with respect to any of these questions).

What is the likelihood that one algorithm could pick out the best kitchen blender website, the best plumber website, the best gynecologist website, the best attorney website and also the best website to find out about the latest news? If your answer is anything above nil, then – I am sorry to say it, but – then: you are stupid.

Literacy is far more complex than simply being able to read words.

Literacy involves understanding – for example – that a billboard is different than a street sign. A billboard is an advertisement that is intended to sway your opinion about something. A street sign is a marker to identify the street with a particular name.

Another example: A dictionary is different than a magazine.

A word is different than a brand name.

You might think that most people would learn this kind of stuff in grade school. Why does it appear like that doesn’t actually happen?


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